Details of our Charter

Sunrise Cruise 7am to 9am

E Ala Ē

Welcome the rising of the sun above the Ko‘olau mountains, from the waters of Waialua Bay aboard the Kama Hele Kai. Sun rays piercing the ocean surface like a prism of light releasing a rainbow of changing colors. Be riveted by the manō, shark, as it greets the early morning in its natural habitat. Cruise the coastline from Waialua to the point of Paumalū, most famously known as Sunset Beach.

Mid-day Cruise 11am to 1pm

Kau ka lā I ka lolo

Come be a part of our ‘Ohana, “family”, as we celebrate the Sun’s highest point in the sky. Experience the vast marine sanctuary from Waimea Bay to Ke‘iki Point, on our way to ‘Ehukai Beach, most famously known as Banzai Pipeline. Appreciate the brilliance of dolphins, turtles, native schools of fish and seasonal migrating humpback whales within the ocean. Sunscreen recommended and Snorkeling available weather permitting

Sunset Cruise 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Nā‘ū, Nā‘ū, Nā‘ū

Breath taking sunsets from the Kama Hele Kai bears witness to the luminous shades of orange, pink and violet colors as they dance across the sky. The fastest power tour boat in the harbor allows us to give you the best our coastline has to offer, without enduring the chaos of traffic. Viewing the sunset from the Point of Pua‘ena, Haleiwa Town, witnessing the halawai, the zenith, where the sun marries the ocean and sky in divine magnificence.


$125 for adults and $75 for children 12-4 years old. No children under 4 years old. Secure online booking or call (808) 690-3475.